Art meditation

This is an audio-guide which helps you form a deeper connection with the artwork of your choice. If you wish you can even use it when visiting other museums, galleries or exhibitions, or perhaps when looking at art in your home. How you choose to experience art is always completely up to you.

All we encourage you to do is to slow down, take a few deep breaths, and make new discoveries.


Click on this link, to listen to the art meditation. 


Slow Art

Did you know that on average we only look at art for 30 seconds when we visit a museum, gallery or exhibition? Did you also know that if you look for a little longer you will appreciate and value it more? Art can be difficult to understand and relate to, but research shows that the key to developing a relationship with art is prolonged exposure to it. Just like you need to spend time with a person to get to know them, art requires you to make an effort. We tend to only take in a small fraction of what is around us, so to fully take in our surroundings and better understand them we have to slow down.